Historical Marina Grounds


Marina Ground
Marina Ground

You can not miss this patch of green on the marina. It is the Marina Cricket Ground or the Presidency college grounds. When it is populated with men in whites, you can not but stop and watch . Many a  knowledgeable cricket fan of Madras has cut his teeth here.

Even though the ground has been revamped recently TNCA league matches have not returned to the grounds.

The ground has seen several star players in action.MJ Gopalan, AG RamSingh (who was the coach of my school team), VV Kumar and Sunil Gavaskar have played here. It is believed that during the 1958 tour, Garfield Sobers used to practice here.


Aerial view



2 thoughts on “Historical Marina Grounds

  1. Thanks for sharing this image. You are right – every time I drive by this ground, I look out to see if there is a match going on. I am surprised to hear that TNCA matches are not played here anymore – they used to play first division matches here in the late 60’s and early 70’s as I recall.


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