Refreshing ‘Mor’

A tailoring shop offering 'neer mor' to devotees.
A tailoring shop offering ‘neer mor’ to devotees.


neer mor
neer mor


Come summer and any cool drink is refreshing and rejuvenating for the tired pedestrian. During the Mylapore Panguni festival ‘neer mor’ offerings like the one above are very common.

Considering the Chennai summer, why not offer such refreshments throughout the hot season?


2 thoughts on “Refreshing ‘Mor’

  1. “Neer Mour” is to Pandya as “Sambharam” is to Chera. So goes my historic thinking. While a thick dollop of curds is a sign of prosperity, Neer Mour must have evovled in the aftermath of repeated raids by the Cholas on Pandyas etcetc, where the loser was kept alive with this “life giving” broth.

    This is my own spin on history. What is yours


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