Hole in the wall mart

A retail outlet in Mylapore
A retail outlet in Mylapore

As a  management professional, I have studied the  strategies and operations of many global retail chains like Walmart, Carrefour, Target, IKEA, 7-Eleven etc. As a consumer and official bag-carrier for the wife, I have also shopped at all these chains across the world. Yet, I am fascinated when I see a street side vendor hawking Chinese goods at throwaway prices, a hawker selling vegetables or fruits from the farm, or a family-owned and family- managed stall offering a variety of products like the one above. I often stop and study, sometimes inviting the derision of my companions.

You too may have your favourite ‘hole in the wall mart’ or your neighbourhood retailer. Let us hear about them.

The shop above, being near a temple,  stocks mainly pooja articles. The book you see slung on a string is the famous ‘paambu panchangam’ (Snake brand Tamizh almanac). There are many other shops of similar size which stock a much larger assortment of SKU’s.


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