Cattle menace in Chennai

Milking cow

A cow being milked  on the streets of Mandaveli

Most modern cities have a law controlling the rearing of cattle within the city limits. However, in Chennai one sees cattle-stray as well as tethered- all over the city. This causes several issues: safety of road users, safety of the cattle, civic health and hygiene issues etc. Weighed against these are the livelihood and logistics issues of the cattle owners. From time immemorial, there have been attempts to rid the city of cattle but these have been thwarted by vested interests.

Time again for citizens to wake up. else, the whole city will be one big ‘mandhai’.

Stray buffaloes roaming
Stray buffaloes roaming
Bull on Broadway
Bull on Broadway

This is Broadway or Praksham Salai in Chennai.Several bulls and bullock carts can be seen here.

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