Rayar Mess

Rayar mess entrance
Rayar mess entrance
Rayar mess interior
Rayar mess interior

The once famous Rayar mess is now squeezed for space.It is tucked away in an apartment complex on Arundel Street off Kutchery Road. The entrance is narrow and it is always crowded since it continues to be popular. I visited the mess as part of a food walk two months ago but could not taste their ware due to the crowd packed into the small area.

I am posting this at the request of my good friend and foodie, Raja Ramanathan from Canada.


4 thoughts on “Rayar Mess

  1. The food used to be great, and very inexpensive. They didn’t have bills, and you would be asked what you had when you left. The cashier would total up the amount based upon what you listed, and charge you for it. Not sure if that continues . . .

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