A for Antigonon

Antigonon creeper
Antigonon  flower and creeper

My late mother was one of the most knowledgeable persons I knew from her generation. She was always ready with some piece of information, a proverb or just a joke or pun. She would quote in Sanskrit, English, Tamil or Malayalam. She would also have nuggets of information from Science, Biology, Geography or mythology.

The earliest exotic plant names I learnt from my mother were, ‘Antigonon’ and ‘Bougainvillea’. For some reason, she used to mention both in the same breath. Perhaps, her way of saying, ‘A for Antigonon and B for Bougainvillea’. A combined lesson in English alphabets and botany! Some bungalows in Adyar had either one or both these plants. They acted as  a constant reminder and reinforcement of the lesson.

The above picture was taken on the side of an abandoned well near the veteran lines of Pallavaram Cantonment during a photo walk.


3 thoughts on “A for Antigonon

  1. One of my favourite creepers. In indirect we lived in an a old British colonial home. The garden had a structure called a summer house, completely covered by this coral vine. Now it’s gone out of fashion and is found randomly by the roadside.


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