Traditional Board Game – Dayakattai

Dayakattam competition at Mylapore festival

Many traditional games have given way to many new ones. Some are surviving,either in their traditional form or as adaptations. Many young entrepreneurs and enthusiasts have tried to repack traditional games for wider acceptance.

Daykattai or Dayakattam is  a ‘board’ game which has survivied at least in some pockets. It is similar to Ludo and played with stones /markers/cowrie shells. The ‘board’ can be easily drawn on the floor with a chalk.Even on firm soil it can be etched out with a stick or a pointed object. Some old monuments have the board etched in stone – perhaps as a pastime for the craftsemen during the execution.

The above image is from the dayakattaam competition at the Lady Sivaswamy School, during the Mylapore festival.



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