Mallikeswarar Temple in Madrasapattanam


There are many ancient temples in the George town area of Chennai, formerly known as the Madaraspattanam, or Black Town. The 700 -year old Mallikeswarar temple, is not as popular as some of the others. It however, does not lack in antiquity or spiritual vibes.

The Maragadambal samedha Mallikeswarar temple is located in the busy Linghi Chetty street at the Mannady end. On a weekday, it may be impossible to reach in your 4 wheeler, but it is only a short distance from the Beach station.

The temple was discovered while digging and a Shiva lingam was found covered with jasmine flowers. Hence the name Mallikeswarar. The temple also finds mention in some British chronicles of 17th century.

Besides the main shrine there  are also several shrines for Ganesha, Brahma Vishnu, Murugan and 63 Nayanars (arupathi moovar).

The best time to visit is early morning on a Sunday.

Temple tower, anothe rview gopuram
Mallikeswara swami temple, Linghi chetty street, Mannady
63 saints
Temple tower, Mannady
Mallikeswara swami temple, Linghi Chetty Street,Mannadi



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