85 -year old Sarafaly Mansion


This picture of the 85-year-old Sarafaly building on Broadway (Popham’s Broadway, or Prakasham Salai) was taken by me 4 years ago. Even at that time, it was rundown, sealed and silently awaiting the onslaught of the bulldozer. Wonder what is it’s condition now!

The building still stands!

Sarafaly building in March 2016
Sarafaly building, Broadway in March 2016

5 thoughts on “85 -year old Sarafaly Mansion

  1. Thank you for this picture. It is sad to see the old building wait to be torn down, but I guess nothing is permanent, other than change itself. I was born and grew up right across at Old Number 24 / New Number 151, Siddique Manzil, as the building was called. At one time, we knew every family at Sarafaly Mansions. Our old home was demolished in the 1970s. At least, the Sarafaly building survived for four more decades . . .


    • Dear Mehul,
      I visited Broadway again today.I was happy to see that the building still stands. See the picture.


  2. I am happy that I was able to kindle your childhood memories. I am also saddened by the destruction of heritage for development. What to do? With the needs of modem day chasing limited resources this is inevitable. Or is it?

    If you are from this area I have many more images for you. Watch out.


  3. Thank you, once again! Interesting how the older stores left, and newer ones came up. The nameless shop to the left of the Maharaaja store, used to be Eastern Hardware, where a close friend’s father was a partner. The central entrance was open back in the day, with the two metal doors not on it even 16 years ago, as I recall, when I was last in India. And now, the entire building is vacant, where it was once a lively place full of families, with noise, gossip, the smells of food, and a very friendly atmosphere from across the street, where we lived.

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