110 year old building on Broadway

Madras has several heritage buildings, many of them over a century old. However, the common man as well as the administration have no respect or regard for the city’s heritage structures. This building The Centenary hall of CMS (Church Missionary Society which must be now Church of South India? ) situated on Broadway was built in 1910 as per the plaque on top. That makes it over 110 years old. It is now in pathetic condition. wonder why the church is not interested in the restoration of this century old landmark! Or am I missing something?

On second glance,  does it remind you of The Alamo facade in Texas?

115 year old Centenary Building of CMS (Church Missionary Society) on Broadway



3 thoughts on “110 year old building on Broadway

  1. Incidentally, the battle of Alamo ended on March 6, 1836 – exactly 180 years ago. the structure itself must have been just 100 years older than that.


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