Painted pottery for Pongal

It is Pongal time. You can see some long and disorderly queues in front of some shops. These are people waiting to collect some freebies from the government, causing traffic dislocation and tension in the air. This time, the package consists of a kilo of rice, some sugar, Rs.100 and a stick of sugar cane. It is going to cost the state about Rs.320 crores.

For Pongal freebies

There was also talk of free saris being distributed and the poor quality of the sari. This could not be verified.

It was heartening to see this wayside shop selling painted terra cotta pottery in Adyar. From the looks, the vendor seemed to be a migrant from some other state. Wonder what she gets for Sankranti / Pongal?




2 thoughts on “Painted pottery for Pongal

  1. Pongal Memories

    When we were kids circa late 60s, we used to do a Karumbu Lottery. 1 short stick of Karumbu valued at 10 paise which was then was split into 15 lottery tickets. 5 paise profit per Karumbu. But then we only knew 10 or 15 friends that would buy (often on verbal assurances) and therefore not an ongoing enterprise. Those who owed me then are running huge corporations today.( The lesson-start saving early!!). The Free market was always being tested.


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